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saturday, march 3
Great Use Of Flash
This is a designer I can relate to:

"What I like? Phil Collins."


thursday, march 1
Uncle Leron...LIVE!
Save the date everyone, because March 7th will mark your chance to see Uncle Leron on the big screen...sort of.
Our friends over at con-fus-ion have invited us to show The Continuing Adventures of Uncle Leron (as well as Little Rick: Pugilist) on their big old projection screen as part of MUD, a party they be throwin.
Click Here for the lowdown.

wednesday, february 28
Another word for Woman
From IMDB:
"The BSC also ruled that it was acceptable for a black man to call the Queen a "bitch." Ruling on complaints about the use of the word by black comedian Richard Blackwood, the BSC commented that he was "using the term as it is used in rap music, to mean 'woman, ' and not as a term of abuse."
Now that we've got that cleared up...

tuesday, february 27
Porn: Not Just For Grown-ups Anymore
Pornography is funny.

Goin' Blind
So this one time, my Uncle Leron, he heard some sounds, um uh, comin' from the bathroom, and he saw my other cousin, Ray-Ray, sittin' on the floor with a doll and tennis shoe in his hand, and uh,

guess what my Uncle Leron said...

he said "Stop playing with yourelf!"

Birthday Party
So this one time my Uncle Leron, he was throwin' this party for his nephew, My Cousin Harmonicus, and um, he got this, um uh, clown to come and visit, and uh, the clown, he came, and he said:

"Hi, I'm Ouchy The Clown! Nice to beat you!."

And then Harmonicus, he started to cry, um, like a little baby,even though he just turned 29, and so my Uncle Leron, guess what my Uncle Leron said.

He said:

"Shut yo' mouth before I really give you somethin' to cry about, boy!"