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friday, february 23
Internet Riddled with hidden drug references
Bet ya didn't know that even the most innocent-looking web page could be filled with hidden references to even the hardest illegal drug. Even "Federal Agents" Leron and his nephew aren't safe! Check out this example...

"Show me, "I know it."
Eric Conveys an Emotion marijuana been around for a while now, but it never ceases to amuse.

More Fun HERE

This is illegal why?
I mean, you gotta try-before-you-buy, right?
From Ananova: "A man has been arrested and charged for allegedly walking into a Pennsylvania supermarket and putting on a porn movie.
Police say he took the tape with him into the store and stood watching it on a TV. He was detained by staff at the store in York until police arrived.
Wal-Mart officials have declined to comment on the incident."

thursday, february 22
I'm Gonna Have To Get Me One of Them
Find out all about the Bonsai Kitten

Wild Wild Web
Looking for a place where you can Shoot the Gatling Gun, Pet Live Farm Animals, or compete in an Oxen Pulling Contest? Look no further: 5 Dogs - Wild West Extravaganza and History Reenactment for the entire family

tuesday, february 20
Random Link
I don't know who they are but they're on my mailing list.

monday, february 19
"Let's All Get Diapered!"
Ladies, here is the man for you:
Hobbies: Wearing diapers, and hoping to find my diaper wearing female soulmate.....
Can someone help him?

From Robotskull:
I don't normally get mail, the only stuff I get is magazine subscriptions I'm no longer interested in, ARMY recruiting propaganda, and lately Visa applications. I don't know how they got ahold of my address.

Show me, "I know it."
Eric Conveys an Emotion has been around for a while now, but it never ceases to amuse me...