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thursday, february 8
From the Famous Uncles named Leron Files

So, this one time, my Uncle Leron was playing baseball, and my Aunt Lucinda, she told him he wasn't getting past first base, and my uncle leron, he said, guess what he said?

He said:
Who's on first?

"He's 23 and strong as an ox. Baseball is in his blood. His father, Leon, is a former Cardinals farmhand and now a scout for the Cubs. His uncle, Leron, was an outfielder for four big league teams. Coming out of spring training, 6'5", 225-pound Derrek Lee knows he'll be the Marlins' every-day first baseman and cleanup hitter. "

monday, february 5
Through some fan email Uncle Leron found some kindred spirits at hippity-hop.com, a webzine whose motto is "We're the colon in http://." Here's one that would make Aunt Lucinda proud:

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