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thursday, august 2
Yo, apparently some people been talkin' smack about Uncle Leron at this Warcraft forum .

I don't know what's they deal, but they need to stop frontin', yo.

tuesday, july 31
Technical Difficulties
I got some reports about technical difficulties with the new episode, which I think I've solved. If you continue to have problems, drop me a line by emailing me with a description of your problem, your computer, and what version of Quicktime you have. (if you don't have quicktime, then that's your first problem solved.)

monday, july 30
Episode VII: Britney Spears
At long last, the latest of My Uncle Leron's Adventures, Episode VII: Britney Spears. Check it out.

Mad props to Craig Higgins @ con-fu-sion.com, Patricia Maranje, and Filter 14, 432 W 14th Street.

Site Redesign
Welcome to the latest and greatest version of UncleLeron.com. It requires frames, but you can now get video and commentary all in the same beautylicious window (building for the future, there will be some hot things using the new design). Hope you like it.