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friday, february 16
Who's the worst?
KWEEN -- they claim to be Japan's Best Queen Cover Band, and I don't doubt them for a second. Make freddy proud, guys!

Peter Pan's Home Page!
"Unless you become as little Children, you can't see the Kingdom of God" --Jesus
"All you need is trust... and a little bit of pixie dust!" --Peter Pan

"WTF?" --Uncle Leron

Paging MasterSonix
Quite possibly one of the coolest dudes on the net, for some reason mastersonix website is down right now. I'm putting the link up just in case it gets back in action, or it's just my computer.

thursday, february 15
Just installed BlogVoices; now you can discuss posts made to this here 'blog. Just click discuss and enter your comments.

It's a little late for the day, but make your own candy hearts here:ACME Heart Maker

(thanks for the link at wetsweater.com.)

Fan Mail

"Dear uncleleron.com Webmaster,

We learn from the net that uncleleron.com is a popular adult site and we would like to make link exchange with you, [is that what they're calling it these days?] i.e. we would like to add your URL and description in our Sex Link page and, in return, please add our URL and description anywhere in your website.

ChinaSexEasy.com is a popular free adult site and we had registered a number of big search engines including Yahoo. According to HitBox statistics, we have over 8,500 unique visitors with over 101,000 page views *EACH DAY*.

We think that after we had formed partnership, we can growth together in the Internet soon.

Should you have any further enqiry, please contact us.

Thank you for taking us into consideration."

wednesday, february 14
Happy Valentime's Day

Why not send your loved one a story of adoration, Uncle Leron style?

No one is safe...

"From the guy at fourfinelads.com

Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2001 3:14 PM
Subject: Fwd: Virus Warning - Pete Sampras Photo!

If you receive an e-mail containing a photo of tennis star Pete Sampras, DO NOT OPEN IT!!!!!!! The body of the e-mail describes the picture as follows: "You will surely enjoy the sinewy Mister Sampras as he volleys for all he is worth please."

Well, I opened it, because after all, the man set the record for Grand Slam titles with his 13th overall at Wimbledon. And while I'm not gay, I can appreciate the well-developed man-form -- I mean, what's wrong with that? If you're fit, you're fit, so why not admire it?

ANYWAY, once I opened it, the photo of Mister Sampras in mid-lob began to burrow into my head, into places I never knew existed (nor dared to dream). I felt a surge of giddy confidence, as if Mister Sampras himself were tickling my cerebellum with the end of his tongue.

The picture said, "Save me as your wallpaper," which I did, then it said "your fingers are nasty, so nasty. Tape them up." So I bound my hands tightly with duct tape so I never have to see my nasty, nasty fingers again. I am typing this by means of two pencils shoved into the ends of the horrible tape-claws that hang useless from the ends of my arms.

Please forward this warning on to those you care about."

Ananova - Woman has Nokia surgically removed from bottom

Hope they used Vaseline...

tuesday, february 13
More Famous Uncles Named Leron

Medieval Leron?

"The loss of his parents to the Orcs, his adoption by his Uncle Leron, his testing and being found mentally deficient for the use of the arcane arts, and subsequent exile to the academy of war."

Mormon Leron?

"The work the children of Leron and Colleen [Don't Tell Lucinda! crazy polygamist mormons...] have experienced over the years have sure taught them a lot. From doing everything from operating farm machinery to carpentry to steel fabrication to electrical wiring, their children have learned it all."

The stars of American Movie have they're own web show. They're these dudes and they're like, brilliant:

mark and mike

Check 'em out.

sunday, february 11
At last. I've updated the site again...ain't no new videos yet (real soon!), but a new format oughtta allow for more frequent content updates, like with this weblog, where I'll try to amuse you all with stories, weird video sites like this one, and whatever else pops in my head.

Hope y'all like it, and if you're wanna keep the 'blog going (with links or stories), shoot me an email

That is all for now.