Monday, January 30
One of these days I'm gonna fix this, but for now CLICK HERE to get to the current leron blog!

Thursday, August 21
What's UP?

What's up with the site?

Just so you know I haven't forgotten 'bout the site, I'm just in the process of doing a redesign to incorporate all my movable type goodies. In the meantime check out the action here: movable type blog

Tuesday, July 8
I'm beta testing this new blog service from the creators of Movable Type, Called TypePad. schwablog is right here.

Friday, May 16
Moblogging See schwa's journey's on the road: Check it out here

Wednesday, April 9
Fat kids not happy? ABC sez fat kids ain't as happy as kids with cancer. Cuz cancer is off the hook, dawg, you gots the chemo, the hair loss...what do fat kids get? Like, food, and um, I don't know, like food. I'm sorry, is that rude? Respect.

Tuesday, February 25
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Friday, February 21
Superbowl is gay? Don't take this the wrong way, but I think Uncle Leron is gay.... [requires quicktime player]

Monday, February 17
"I Like Monkeys." But do you like them as much as this guy?

Monday, February 10
Duuuude... You must be high to be buyin' Dell computers...

Thursday, December 26
Is Uncle Leron evil? The answer appears to be yes Detect pure evil here: evilfinder