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saturday, may 12
Samba de Amigo
Back in the day we had this party, see, it was a Samba De Amigo party, with maracas all stinkin' up the joint. You wants to check it? Don't wreck it:
Broadband video (2.0MB)
Word up to my man Chris Shade.

friday, may 11
Big Brother 2
JDogg just finished his application to Big Brother 2 and made it in under the wire. If you want to watch the video portion of the application click one of the folowing links:
high bandwidth (3.8MB)
low bandwidth (900k)

sunday, may 6
Takin Ova in the 2G+1
Don't even be frontin', cuz the Icy Hot Stuntaz the rap STAR you wanna drool about. Straight Ballin'.