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saturday, march 17
I don't get it.
Um, who need this?

friday, march 16
So this one time, my Uncle Leron, he ain't had no job, and he was um, drinking some malt liquor, and he started, um, crying. And my Aunt Lucinda she said, why you crying?

And my Uncle Leron, he said Cuz I ain't got no job.

Then my Aunt Lucinda, she said, well you need to stop crying and get a job then.

And she hit him upside the head.

And my Uncle Leron, guess what he said.

He said:

Damn, woman, you almost spilled my forty!

wednesday, march 14
Put a monkey in it!
Can I borrow 15 bucks from someone out there? I need this.
Thanks, yo.

tuesday, march 13
From punogre.com...:
Sunday, March 11, 2001 - Casting Call For Britney Video | Posted by Ogre @ 4:39 pm PST

Good-uh moh-luh-ning..
Tokyo Breakfast . I can't say much more than that. Please, please watch it.

monday, march 12
Me and my brother used to play it...
Side to the side the paddle to the paddle to the side the sidePONG ball in the machine.

sunday, march 11
And I quote...
...This girls was Brittany Spears Double in The Eminem Video.

Think you can top this, y'all?!