Apple’s Latest…

…intern. Yup. I’m going to intern with Apple in Cupertino this summer, working with the .Mac web team. If you know me, you know how excited I am. I haven’t mentioned it here on the blog for fear of jinxing it, but now that it’s official (well, just about official. They still have to do a background check on me. Hmmm, will that traffic violation come back to haunt me? Hope not!), I thought I’d write a little bit about the experience of interviewing for the position.

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Bridezilla Strikes Back!

Thought I’d let people know about the Fringe show I worked on (Sound design and Graphic Design), Bridezilla Strikes Back!, which is getting incredible reviews and selling out like nobodies business!

check it out!

[]( <- (oh, and I threw together this website, too)

Amazon Associate

Just for fun I’ve signed up to be an Amazon associate; if you click this link, I’ll get a small percentage of anything you buy. As I continue writing stuff here, I’ll also be putting more links to products I get and make it easy for you to buy ‘me through me, if you’re interested.


OS 9 USB Woes:: Solved.

What started as a (relatively) simple USB printer solution turned into an exasperating journey into more than I ever wanted to know about USB under Macintosh OS 9. A client had a Powerbook G3 (Wallstreet series), the kind without built in USB. OS 9.1. IOGear USB 2.0 PC-Card (Which under OS9 should work as a USB 1.1 interface). Canon MPC555 multi-function USB printer/fax/scan jobber.

Main problems: No printing. No waking from sleep. How to fix it? Let me tell you.
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Computer Fixin’: AOL 9 Crashes

I got a call to fix the computer for a kid whose computer kept crashing whenever he started AOL 9.0 on his windows XP machine. I figure, piece of cake, it’s gotta be MSBlast or welchia; just need to apply the security patch and make sure the worm is cleared off.

After about a half hour of going through all the prerequisite steps to do this, I’ve got a problem: the system is still restarting whenever it goes online. Really, just as soon as AOL connects and begins to authenticate, it crashes, hard reboot style. No such luck, but I did manage to figure out the problem….
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About Money.

So I’ve been performing in this kids show at the Atlantic Theater, which I’ve mentioned previously. Thanks in part to some great press (nytimes pdf, we’ve recently been asked to potentially do two more performances — which I’ve agreed to, gladly, but it’s gotten me thinking about money, since none of us actors are being paid.

I’m definitely game for the extension of the show — I have loved doing the play and working with the fantastic cast, an awesome director, and all the wonderful crew, designers, and staff at the Atlantic. I’m excited to have the opportunity to keep it going.

And while I’ll do it either way, maybe Atlantic will find a way to pony up some cash for us actors — nothing huge, even a ‘travel stipend’ or something would just be a huge show of respect and support, don’tcha think?
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God Bless Javascript.

I’ve been playing around with CSS layer positioning in my web designs lately — it’s so powerful and simple, but the real problem is some major inconsistencies across browsers. Namely, the “position:fixed” element — to place a DIV in a consistent location on the page, regardless of the browser’s window size or scroll position.

The biggest problem is that it doesn’t work in Windows Internet Explorer 5 or 6! Works beautifully in Apple’s Safari (my browser of choice) and Mozilla/Firebird/Camino etc. And while it works in IE5 on the mac, there’s a major bug that causes any links within a fixed layer not to work.

There are a number of purely CSS hacks (here and here, for example) that I tried to no avail, so I finally decided I’d try a javascript route. I managed to do it, and while it’s not as elegant as pure CSS, it works! Read on to see how I did it.

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Moon river chattel.

Moon river chattel. A book antique homewares store in the ‘burg. Fixing their computer.

I must say, i’ve always liked earthlink, but the quite of software they give you is almost as bad as aol!