Lost fanatics.

Lost dominates the iTMSAnyone who knows me probably knows I’m a huge fan of Lost. And while I’m obviously not the only one, the image on the left is impressive. Of the top 20 shows on the iTunes Music Store, 16 of them are episodes of Lost! My guess is that a ton of people waited till the season was over and have just purchased the entire season all at once. In a way that’s the best way to watch it. It’s so bloody addictive that it’s hard to wait a week for the next episode, much less three weeks or more when there are reruns.

The good news is that Next season there will be NO reruns. They are dividing the series into (I believe) 4 chunks of six episodes; six episodes will air week-to-week, and then no Lost for a little while. They’ve taken their cue from 24, which is tend to run with fewer interruptions, though for a shorter ‘season’. This summer, FOX is even going to rerun the entire fifth season in 12 weeks with back-to-back episodes every Friday. Now might be my chance to start a new addiction.