leron’s crib

Welcome to leron’s crib — after Dreamhost decided to make WordPress a one-button installation included with their plans, I decided to move my blog over to it.

I intend to soon unify my old blogger blog, the movable type blog, the leron movies, and some other stuff soon. I’ve lately been trying to assemble and organize my portfolio and all my disparate works — a challenging task — and this is one step in that process.

Amazon Associate

Just for fun I’ve signed up to be an Amazon associate; if you click this link, I’ll get a small percentage of anything you buy. As I continue writing stuff here, I’ll also be putting more links to products I get and make it easy for you to buy ‘me through me, if you’re interested.


New Gadget #1: Nokia 6620

Just wanted to make a quick post to talk about my new phone, the Nokia 6620 — it’s a smartphone with camera, stereo audio playback and EDGE for pseduo-high speed data.

I’m going to experiment with using it as my day-to-day music player, since it will play back .mp3 and .aac files; however, initially I was saddend to discover that the .aac format it wants is different from those that are generated by iTunes.

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iPod Therefore I Translate

I just purchased this cool new app for iPod called Talking Panda language translation/training software. It’s a really cool concept, where you navigate to phrases through the notes section on your ‘pod and you can see the English/Spanish (or French or Japanese) translations, as well as hear the phrase spoken by a native speaker. Quite impressive. Definitely check it out!

downgrade your phone now!

CK over at 3650 and a 12-inchis getting an offer to tradein his Nokia 3650 for a nokia 3200 or other phone — there’s apparently a lot of this going around, I’ve seen a bunch of people being offered an “upgrade” from their Sony Ericcson t68i, to a phone with *fewer* features.

Apparently it has something to do with AT&T changing the network frequency that their phones operate on… Which seems odd.

The only thing I can say about the Nokia 3200 is that its EDGE-capable, which is AT&T’s 2.5g high speed data network. It’s not quite broadband, but it’s MUCH better than the modem-slow speeds of GPRS. Unfortunately the 3200 doesn’t have bluetooth, which sucks, and AT&T still doesn’t have an unlimited data plan, which means that if you’re like me and you have to go two weeks without cable, you’re going to rack up quite a bill

Weird directions.

From Apple’s Web Site

For optimal sound quality and performance, the Apple In-Ear Headphones need to make a good seal with your ear canal. Simply placing the ear buds in your ear without making a good seal can result in less than desirable audio quality.

…Everyone’s ears are different… In some cases, wiggling the ear bud into place can also help. Let go of your ear when you feel a good seal . The ear bud should remain securely in place when there’s a good seal. Repeat the process until the desired fit is achieved.

If you’ve inserted the ear bud as far as is comfortable, but can’t get a good seal, try a larger ear cap size. If you get a good seal with a larger ear cap size, but it is uncomfortable, try a smaller ear cap size.

[ You might also try having your ears surgically altered to fit the size of the ear plugs ]