Another Day, another posting

I’ve decided to try to be a tad more regular with my postings to my blog. If for no other reason than if something interesting happens, I’ll be in the habit of writing about it.

Yesterday I went to the ITP Winter Show. As some may know, ITP — NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program — is one of the Graduate programs I am applying to for next fall. It was cool to check out what kind of stuff people were coming up with.

For the most part, I was generally impresssed. Probably the coolest things were music and sound based, like Jamie Allen’s boombox — a physical sound creation device; a suitcase outfitted with tons of sensors that detect motion and vibration, and a bluetooth connection to set off various sound effects. Picking up the box, banging it around, caused various sound effects to play (against a backdrop of airport noises — ‘Please do not leave bags unattended’).

While the sound projects were cool, I was a bit disappointed with some of the video stufff — as someone mentioned, everything’s a frickin’ mirror. I told my friend Theo I was convinced that the entire show was meant only to subtly influence my desire for large flat-screen televisions (as if I needed THAT)

All in all a good show — and was definitely encouraging in my decision to apply there; I guess if I do end up going I’d hope to put my own particular interests to the fore — performance, interactivity, fun.