SXSW 2006 Music Wrap Up

Quick little post about bands I saw at SXSW that I deemed worthy, in no particular order. I’m so ignorant of music these days that SXSW was worth it just to introduce me to some new tunes. I’m sure plenty of folks know of all these bands already, but with a couple of exceptions (Spoon, Blackalicious), their music was new to me:

* The Research (UK): these guys were great; the show was only hindered by the stench of backed-up plumbing that overran the Parish II downstairs.
* The Chalets (Dublin, Ireland): fantastic quintet, put on a very entertaining show. Favorite song “I know you love me but you’re f*cking crazy”
* Art Brut (UK) : I guess these guys are huge in the UK, and they deserve it. “Ready Art Brut? Art Brut go!”
* Gil Mantera’s Party Dream (Youngstown, OH): OMFG. I’ll call them Andrew W-KLF — rock-dance music, insane performance that involved semi-nudity, and skilled use of the Vocoder by Gil. Also probably get the award for best banter, with tales of woe from O-hi-o.
* The Envelopes (Sweden?)
* The Young Knives: Man, did this 3 piece from the UK rock. I don’t know what else to say, but these kinda-nerdy guys gave the hipsters a run for their money with one of the better shows.
* Spoon (Austin, TX): Just voted band of the year by the Austin Chronicle, they played a great free show at the Auditorium Shores…
* Blackalicious : Same venue, played before spoon and these dudes can freestyle like nobody’s bizness.
* Kris Gruen (Montpelier, VT): My friend christin r. plays cello for Kris Gruen; we saw them play at a backyard BBQ, atmosphere was great and the music was melodic and warm.
* The Gossip (Olympia, WA): Holy sh!t does beth have some pipes. Another band I’m embarrassed I had never heard of, I bought one of their CDs the very next day.
* Tralala (Brooklyn, NY): these guys played with Ted Leo — four girls and three dudes, playing poppy punk rock. Kind of reminded me of a rock-and-roll fannypack — cute girls rocking your socks off.

Pretty awesome bands all around. Also, on the plane ride home I sat next to Kori from Mates of State, and because I’m a musical idiot, I had never heard of them. She let me hear one of their tracks, and I loved it, and now I’m listening to “Our Constant Concern.” Apparently their new record is out March 21st, and they’re doing an in store at Virgin Record Store, followed by a headlining gig at Bowery Ballroom on April 12th…