Video Sensing: Final Project idea

Scene Detection

For my final project I am going to work with scene detection on pre-recorded video. I intend to explore not just cut or shot detection, but scene detection (or at the very least an approximation of it). More simply, I also intend to explore commercial detection techniques, in order to mark and remove commercials from recordings of television broadcasts.

My goal is to generate a list of timestamps for the in/out markers of scenes (or commercial breaks), which can then be used for a variety of purposes

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For my midterm I’m playing continuing with the idea of self-censoring vis-a-vis voyeurism. Right now my code is working (Barely) allowing you to grab a freeze frame of your face (or another object) and then have that re-mapped to your face.

Conceal your identity. Always put on your ‘best face’…

some of the next steps: store multiple freeze-frames and be able to toggle through them, to have different visages throughout your day.

better tracking of the face. right now using the Skin class, but it could be better.

grab images from external sources (flickr anyone?)

better masking of the image so that it isn’t just a rectangle.

non-mousebased user-input.