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I participated in a session called Iterative Media: treating your media as code. The gist was how can collaboraiton and constructive, group creation be applied to more traditional media output. Thanks to Josh Kinberg and Dee Harvey for taking awesome notes! Read on for the notes we took from the session.

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Beyond Broadcast

So I’m heading to Boston tomorrow morning for the Beyond Broadcast conference. I’m excited because I’m presenting the project I’ve been working on as a student researcher at ITP this past semester — a socially networked MythTV remote. I’m looking forward to meeting Wendy Seltzer, who will be talking about MythTV, specifically as it relates to the Broadcast Flag, and other issues

I’ll be demoing the MythRemote on the PepperPad, as well as the newest prototype which I’ll be showing on my laptop. The gist of the project is a remote control for your PVR with networked video commenting and chatting that is time-coded and tied to a particular program. One possible application is the idea of collaborative annotations, creating a wikipedia style commentary for a particular show. Sort of like pop-up video created by and for the viewer…

Anyway, I’ll probably be posting some more here about panels & discussions that interest me from the conference…

PixTrak: the Dan Smith Tracker is live!

So PixTrak, the Dan Smith Will Teach You Rock & Blues Guitar Tracker is now live.
Here’s how it works:
Spot a Dan smith poster. Take a picture and send it to with the address in the body: i.e., 721 Broadway. Works great with cameraphones and MMS, but you can also use regular old-email if you’re so inclined.

To see the posters that have been spotted so far, or if you don’t know who Dan Smith is, visit (now with RSS!) and join in the fun! For more about the project, you can check it out here:

Let me know if you experience any problems, and rock on!

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Latest Projects

If you look in the header, you’ll see a new section added: Projects, where I’ve posted my most recently completed projects from this semester — eventually I’ll go through and fill in the backlog on other things I’ve been working on.

For now, I’ve added:

So check ’em out and see what I’ve been up to…

NYT on tech terminology

Coming to Terms With a Wired Age, Part 2 – New York Times:

IT seems you can never have too many words to describe the loud, incessant use of cellphones. In my last column I played with new terminology for a wired (and wireless) age, and in the weeks since then my mailbox has been filled with your suggestions. Cellulitis, you say, or narcellism, or cellbotics.

As it relates to my glowscarf project, I especially like “Narcellism”… does video commenting…

So a new startup called is about to launch. And they’re working with the same basic ideas we’re working on for ITP Research: Video Comments and Re-imagining the Remote.

the main functionality will include: the ability for the creator and those who watch the video to add annotations anywhere in the stream, and others later to click on those annotations and jump right to that point in the video.

via TechCrunch

It’s cool to see some movement in this direction in the web 2.0 world. The people have addressed some of the issues we’ve discussed slightly differently. It seems there are ‘channels’ of comments which can be enabled or disabled. While this is interesting, it seems to be more appropriate for a moderated type environment (at least that’s what their demo shows). That said, they’ve addressed the situation with a nice clean UI and some interesting navigation elements.