Throwdown with Bobby Flay

You might recall a photoset I posted a little while ago from the chowder cook off.

Be sure to watch Throwdown with Bobby Flay on Food TV, Thu 07/13/2006 at 10:00PM EST:

Debut: Bobby Flay surprises specialty chefs, who think they are being interviewed for a Food Network show, and challenges them to a cook-off. In the opener, Bobby takes on Brooklyn chowder expert Ben Sargent.

Check it out to see who won, and if you’re lucky, a little bit of Mylo!

Weekend in Cupertino (sort of)

After last weekend’s fun, I decided to take it easy and stay close to home this weekend.

Friday at work was finished up with a Beer Bash where the MacBook team demoed their new babies while everyone drank Guiness and Harp (get it — black and white MacBook, dark and light beer? So clever!). I gotta say I don’t mind those glossy screens at all.

After that wrapped up, I joined Jonathan and his friend Jeff for a trip to Palo Alto (Jeff was going to buy a skateboard; Jonathan and I bought a frisbee). Palo Alto is yet another beautiful California town, with an active downtown strip. We had some sushi before we headed back to Cupertino and played some night frisbee in the courtyard of our apartment complex.

Saturday started off with a trip to the monthly flea market, which was somewhat uninspired — rows and rows of tents all with the same kinds of crap. Then we took a little shopping trip to San Jose, where I got some cheap Reef flip-flops at the Nordstrom outlet store.

Then we were off to Santana Row (there was some debate as to whether this is actually ‘downtown’ San Jose), where we planned to see An Inconvenient Truth. We were all quite impressed with Santana Row — it’s very upscale, reminds me a little bit of Soho, with a lot of nice restaurants (mostly out of our budget for the day), and high-end (mostly) corporate chains.

So it’s been a nice weekend so far. The film was incredible, and deserves more attention than I’m going to give it in this post, but needless to say, go see it.

Netflix finally (again)…

I’ve been thinking of joining Netflix again after a brief flirtation in it’s early days — I hardly watched the movies I rented because I was too busy galavanting. Since our cable system has no movie channels, and the nearest video store is a Blockbuster (which is bad enough) that’s barely in walking distance, and because there’s NOTHING to do in Cupertino, Netflix seemed like a great affordable choice for the summer.

Feel free to invite me as a friend so we can share queue recommendations, or subscribe to my Netflix Queue rss feed.

Memorial Day, Angel Island – a photoset on Flickr

I had the good fortune to spend Memorial Day with my friend Gideon & his co-workers on a boat at Angel Island. It capped off an awesome weekend, actually.

My roommate Jonathan and I took the CalTrain up to San Francisco on Saturday. After walking around SoMa for a bit, we met my friend Ryan Junell and helped him pack up some stuff before he moved to Brooklyn of all places. We had a couple of drinks at Zeitgeist, a great bar on Valencia, and then had dinner at Bacar, the fantastic restaurant where Gideon works.

Jonathan went home, while I hung out with Gideon. On Sunday we had a great lunch at Frjtz and went to the Capsule design fair in Hayes Valley. Gideon had to work, so I met up with Karina, one of Mikey’s bandmates, who was cool enough to invite me along to a barbecue at her friend’s place in the Lower Haight.

Went back to Gideon’s place and slept for about 4 hours before we had to get up to get a van to Sausalito to get on Gid’s co-worker’s sailboat, a 40 foot beauty. We didn’t actually sail out — the engine sufficed for the short trip out to Angel Island.

So that’s a brief rundown of my memorial day weekend — check out the pix!

Slomo got boing’d

Sweet, the slomo video fest just got boingboing’ed. In case you didn’t know, The SloMo video fest is a collection of 100 1-minute short videos whose main feature or idea is slow motion. I created (with the help of Mikey, Tania and Michael) one of those videos. I’m going to go to Oakland on Saturday to another screening (previously it showed at MonkeyTown in Williamsburg), and anyone who is interested and in the Bay Area should come buy, or look for it in a town near yours.

Bridezilla Strikes Back!

Thought I’d let people know about the Fringe show I worked on (Sound design and Graphic Design), Bridezilla Strikes Back!, which is getting incredible reviews and selling out like nobodies business!

check it out!

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