Just saw Spartan, David Mamet’s new film starring Val Kilmer. It totally took me by surprise — not only the movie, but the fact it even existed. It completely flew under my radar.

I’m glad I saw it — very cerebral, Tom Clancy-esque thriller with all the usual Mamet twists and turns and double cross. Kilmer’s everyman superhero is fun to watch, to me he embues a personality that sometimes escapes Mamet leading men (like Campbell Scott in spanish prisoner — a tad wooden, don’tchathink?).

I think there were more twists in this one than Heist and Spanish Prisoner combined — practically every scene is loaded with a surprise. What’s interesting though is that the central message of the film, if there is one, isn’t the usual “You Can’t Trust Anyone” that seems to result from all the double crosses. There’s a resonating theme of the reward of loyalty and truthfulness. Valor, or Val-or. Sure, it’s undercut by the never ending cycle of backstabbers, but the few who stay true are the heroes of the film.

Go see it, wait out the first 15 minutes or so until your brain wraps around the dialogue and plot, and enjoy…

Move Complete

We’ve Completed The Big Move, to our lovely new apartment. The amazing thing is how spacious it feels even after all our crap was moved in.

I just set up my computer, and my desk is now stained a lovely pecan color, which is nice. Still a lot of work to do, but the biggest drag right now is the fact that my high-speed internet connection is, well, nonexistant. I’m connecting right now through my cell phone, which is slow as BM, but it works. Dial up speeds (slower, really), welcome back! Time warner says February 24 (9 days and counting) before they can set it up, but I’m hoping I can get some strings pulled with some people I know.

Anyway, I’ll post pictures soon…

Moooovin’ on…

So it looks like Tania and I are moving! Through our friend Tami we learned of a vacant one bedroom apartment on South 1st and Berry, with a back yard and everything!

Well, calling it a back yard is generous — a back patio is more like it, but it’s still awesome. We’re going to sign the lease tomorrow (it’s actually going to be in Tania’s name because my credit stinks, but hey, no worries).

It’s kind of weird, as I’ve lived in this apartment for nearly 5 years — I’m not sentimentally attached to it, but it’s like an old habit that will be weird to let go of.

That said, I’m looking forward to having a place that’s just for me and Tania (and Mylo!). Most importantly, it’s in the same neighborhood, which makes it much more appealing than this place Will post more details soon…

PS, if anyone needs an apartment, our current roommate Eric is probably taking over the lease if he can find someone, so let me know!

I Say Today is My Birthday.

Peter Luger YummyYup. 27 today. Ryan and Mikey took me to Peter Luger for an amazing steak dinner last night. Mmmm. It was good. New desk lamp from tania — I’ve been needing one! Bought a new coat from this vintage store on Bedford. It’s this really cool striped jobber — it’s like what the guys on the airport runway wear. In fact, I think it is exactly that. Quite warm, and much needed. Yay!

Merry X-mas

Snow Day

Happy holidays to everyone. Finished all my holiday shopping yesterday — almost all at What a breeze that was. The hardest part was that when I initially placed the order it wouldn’t go through; I kept getting a weird error message and was sent back to Amazon’s homepage. I called their customer support # (which isn’t listed anywhere on their site, btw. For future reference: 1-800-201-7575), but they weren’t too helpful. They just told me it was a problem with their web site and to try back in a couple of hours.
Two hours later it still didn’t work, so I decided to troubleshoot. Turns out that two of the items on my list were not being sold by, but by one of their retail partners. I removed those items from my shopping cart and I was able to place the rest of the order without a hitch. I then placed those two items as separate orders and they also went through. Odd, but still much easier than trekking around the city, standing in line, going to the post office to mail stuff. Oy.
I should start packing — Tania and I are on our way to L.A. to visit her family for christmas tomorrow morning at 6am. We’re going to spend christmas day in Monterey, actually. It’s my first time to either location, and I’m looking forward to it — although two warm x-mases in a row is a bit odd (last year in hawaii). I’m not complaining though!
So happy holidays to everyone, and until next year…

The Bicycle Thief

Today I’m adjusting to the fact that my bicycle was stolen yesterday. Total bummer. I left it unlocked for about 15 minutes in a client’s stairwell, and when I came back downstairs it was gone. The really sad thing is that it’s probably someone somewhere in the building; it wasn’t like it was on the street or anything.

I walked around the neighborhood yesterday with my eyes open but saw nothing. It’s weird, every single bike I see — and there’s a lot of them — is potentially mine.

Here’s a pic of the bike:

It’s last year’s model. The new ones aren’t nearly as cool.

It was a gift from my dad. 🙁 The stupid thing is that I had my chain with me (the $100 kryptonite lifetime guarantee chain and lock!). Doesn’t do much good in your backpack.

I don’t know, maybe one of these days it’ll turn up on Bedford Ave. In the meantime, it’s not helping my desire for a vespa…

When The Lights Go Down In The City…

Where were you when the Blackout of 2003 hit? I suspect it will be a question on everyone’s mind for, oh, let’s say the next week or so. I happened to be working at Mikey’s Hookup when the lights dimmed and our computers shuddered, and then finally gave up. For a good 10 minutes the lights just flickered before fully giving up the ghost, at which point everyone just sort of headed outside to see what was going on…
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