Throwdown with Bobby Flay

You might recall a photoset I posted a little while ago from the chowder cook off.

Be sure to watch Throwdown with Bobby Flay on Food TV, Thu 07/13/2006 at 10:00PM EST:

Debut: Bobby Flay surprises specialty chefs, who think they are being interviewed for a Food Network show, and challenges them to a cook-off. In the opener, Bobby takes on Brooklyn chowder expert Ben Sargent.

Check it out to see who won, and if you’re lucky, a little bit of Mylo!

PixTrak, aka the Dan Smith Will Teach You Rock & Blues Guitar Tracker

20060211T052146My mobile app will be a MMS game dedicated to New York City bulletin-board guitar legend, Dan Smith.For the uninitiated, Dan Smith has been teaching guitar in New York City for a long long time. I was struck by how often I see his flyers posted around the city – and I wondered, how much does this guy get around? Is it just the East Village, where I usually see these posters, or even the Upper East Side, where I’ve seen a couple as well. I think lots of New Yorkers must know this Dan Smith guy, even if they’ve never taken a lesson from him. There’s a hidden sense of community lurking behind the bold print and black and white photography: this guy lives in MY city.

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Bridezilla Strikes Back!

Thought I’d let people know about the Fringe show I worked on (Sound design and Graphic Design), Bridezilla Strikes Back!, which is getting incredible reviews and selling out like nobodies business!

check it out!

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