glowscarf: the cellular scarf

[QUICKTIME 500 391] (click on the video to advance the presentation) glowscarf telegraphs your status by lighting up whenever your cellphone rings. Inspired by the notion of cellphone as status symbol, Glowscarf is a commentary on our use of … Continue reading

Glowscarf:progress update

[QT_COMMENTS 320 257] I’ve uploaded some new photos of the progress I’ve made with the glowscarf — including the hacked detector module, with fiber optic output (seen in the video above). Pix can be viewed here: Glowscarf:progress – a … Continue reading

Glowscarf: usage

[QUICKTIME 320 257] In an attempt to understand more fully cell phone behavior, and what our expressions our cell phones enable us to make, I’ve come across some interesting bits of research: From this article, it seems Motorola commissioned … Continue reading