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I arrived in Cupertino yesterday evening. Seems nice enough, very nice apartment, and my roommates (well 2 of them — the 3rd hasn’t arrived yet) seem really cool. We were talking about things to do in Cupertino, so I decided to look online … here’s a great review I found:

iTravel | Cupertino Nightlife

Whoever said there is nothing to do in Cupertino is obviously mistaken. […] If you’re looking for a bit of fun and adventure for a cheap price, I recommend Dar’s Hideaway next to the local Target. It maybe a gay bar, but it’s always a surprise to experiment. Another source of entertainment for fellow Cupertino-ians is grocery shopping. Conveniently, Cupertino is equipped with more than 10 grocery markets for you and your wife’s wildest shopping fantasy.

So needless to say, it looks like we’ll be having to go a bit farther to find some fun things to do. Speaking of which, I tried my damnedest to go to Oakland last night for Ryan’s screening of the slomo video fest, but it was a total bust. First my flight to San Jose was delayed about 45 minutes, which ensured that I would miss the 6:14 CalTrain to San Francisco. So, I called David, who was supposed to give me a lift from the CalTrain station to Oakland, and he assured me that the 7:14 train would deliver me in plenty of time to make the screening. I called a cab to take me to Sunnyvale, where the station is.

Sadly, I’m used to the rapid response of Brooklyn car services, and the cab didn’t show up until about 7:05 — $20 and 14 minutes later, I got the Caltrain station at 7:18, having missed the train by four minutes (!) I didn’t want to hold David up waiting another hour, so I decided to give up and head back to the apartment.

There were some cabbies waiting at the station; I asked for a ride back to Cupertino. But I was completely blanking on the street name where my apartment is, and I had left all the paperwork there. Three different cab drivers all joined in the search on the little gps-navigation computer while I attempted to jog my memory — Something Creek Boulevard, I remembered, even remembered the street address, but couldn’t for the life of me remember what that something was. Finally through the magic of technology, or just insight from one of the cabbies, ‘Stevens Creek Blvd’ came to them like a lightbulb. Nice of them to help me remember– though the meter was running so my forgetfulness cost me a couple bucks!

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