2 thoughts on “Understanding Understanding Comics

  1. Hey Nephew-
    I couldn’t find a decent ‘contact’ area(and I use wordpress…duh)… so here I am.
    I’m the creator and curator of the work of Ihatethat.net
    My work was greatly inspired by UncleLeron… check out what we do…
    I linked your site on mine… that’s how much I fukin love you, ay?
    So is UncleLeron dead or what…?
    moved on to greener pastures?
    (some of us have been waiting 3 years or more for a new episode)
    Get in Touch sometime.
    I dare ya.
    -Gabriel Zacchai

  2. Hey gabriel,

    Thanks for the post. Yeah, there’s actually not a decent contact area on the site. Thanks for the love, and I must say, Uncle Leron isn’t dead, just on indefinite hiatus… one of these days I’ll bring him out of retirement…but who knows when.

    and check out the link love on the sidebar…

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