A Doll’s House: notecard breakdown

a breakdown of the significant turning points from ibsen’s a doll’s house:

Nora arrives with Christmas gifts; Nora and Helmer argue about money.

Christine arrives, down on her luck , needing a job; Nora promises to get her work.

Christine thanks Nora, but thinks little of her troubles. Nora reveals to Christine that she had secretly borrowed money to pay for a trip to save her husband’s life

Nora entreats Helmer to give Christine a job at the bank. Helmer agrees.

Krogstad reveals a discrepancy with the contract Nora signed for the money he lent her; Nora admits that she forged her father’s signature. Krogstad threatens to reveal the secret contract in court if he doesn’t keep his job at the bank.

Helmer reveals Krogstad’s crime — forging a signature; he makes Nora promise not to plead for Krogstad’s job.

Nora pleads with Helmer not to fire Krogstad; Helmer is driven to send his dismissal letter immediately.

Krogstad returns, having been dismissed. He claims that by exposing Nora’s debt & dishonesty he will end up Bank manager. Nora despairs.

Seeing Krogstad, Christine realizes Krogstad was the lender of the money; she promises Nora that she will see talk to Krogstad and get him to get his letter back.

Christine meets with Krogstaad and offers to marry him; Krogstad promises instead of recalling his letter he will forgive the debt.

After the dance, Helmer reads the letter revealing Nora’s debt and forgery; Nora prepares for her own suicide.

Helmer prevents Nora from leaving to kill herself, but instead of taking the debt upon himself, as Nora expects, belittles her for her disgrace.

Helmer rejoices after he receives the second notice from Krogstad, including the bond, forgiving Nora’s debt and repenting his blackmail; disappointed by Helmer’s reactions, Nora decides to leave Helmer & the children.

Nora leaves.

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