Bloglines / Safari Bookmarklet hack

After reading this at o’reilly radar (isn’t that [Gary Burghoff’s]( character on mash?)

> Combining nostalgia for the oh-so-1994 http:// with a cool tip by pal Duncan for using the otherwise barely-functional RSS reader in the Safari browser, I now routinely type feed:// (or feed: for short) where the http:// should be (e.g. and jump straight to a nice Table of Contents for any site sporting an auto-discoverable RSS or Atom feed.

I use [bloglines]( for my rss reading , and use the bloglines bookmarklet to subscribe to feeds — it does a good job, usually, but I noticed that it doesn’t always autodetect a page that I know has a feed. In addition, Safari 2.0’s rss view is nice, but the bloglines bookmarklet doesn’t like the “feed://” url protocol.

So I tweaked the bloglines bookmarklet to change ‘feed’ to ‘http’, works like a champ:

safari-bloglines-it < drag it to your bookmarks bar source: `javascript:location.href=''+(location.href.replace('feed:','http:'))` EDIT: Changed "feed" to "feed:" and "http" to "http:" just in case a url also contains the word feed in addition to the protocol handler.

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