Forza Motorsport

I’ve been kinda lax on the blog here, but I just saw a great review for the new XBOX game I”ve been playing:
Forza Motorsport Xbox Review from 1UP.COM

An awesome tidbit that shows how realistic this game is:

> Here’s a true story: As an import-tuning wannabe, I recently caught the Honda S2000 bug and became curious about the drifting capabilities of this RWD roadster. …. But initial test drives of my new S2000 confounded expectations. Instead of being able to kick out my rear end on a dime, the S2000 understeered itself into the dirt on high-speed corners if I eased up on the throttle heading into the apex. Frankly, it was pissing me off and, if Forza couldn’t even capture the handling of a popular car like the S2000, I was ready to write it off as fatally inaccurate. That is, until I Googled-up “S2000” and “understeer,” which lead me to a handful of real-life car reviews that mention the very same handling problem I experienced just hours earlier on my Xbox. I was stunned. Furthermore, I found a suspension tweaking guide (again, for the real-world car) that I was able to use and correct my S2000’s understeering problem. At that point, I became a true believer.

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