I Say Today is My Birthday.

Peter Luger YummyYup. 27 today. Ryan and Mikey took me to Peter Luger for an amazing steak dinner last night. Mmmm. It was good. New desk lamp from tania — I’ve been needing one! Bought a new coat from this vintage store on Bedford. It’s this really cool striped jobber — it’s like what the guys on the airport runway wear. In fact, I think it is exactly that. Quite warm, and much needed. Yay!

2 thoughts on “I Say Today is My Birthday.

  1. BTW, Josh, did you ever get your shipment from
    Amazon? I’d been meaning to ask, but things just keep slipping from my mind 🙁

    Love, Mom

  2. hey happy birthday to you, it’s my birthday too.
    I am 46 today and very excited about it. I love my birthday. Have a good time. enjoy your day!

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