AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 5/16/2003 01:26:20 AM ----- BODY: Moblogging See schwa's journey's on the road: Check it out here -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 4/9/2003 09:16:43 AM ----- BODY: Fat kids not happy? ABC sez fat kids ain't as happy as kids with cancer. Cuz cancer is off the hook, dawg, you gots the chemo, the hair loss...what do fat kids get? Like, food, and um, I don't know, like food. I'm sorry, is that rude? Respect. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/25/2003 09:49:23 AM ----- BODY: Powered by audblogaudblog audio post -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/21/2003 09:10:04 PM ----- BODY: Superbowl is gay? Don't take this the wrong way, but I think Uncle Leron is gay.... [requires quicktime player] -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/17/2003 10:30:30 PM ----- BODY: "I Like Monkeys." But do you like them as much as this guy? -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/10/2003 09:51:37 PM ----- BODY: Duuuude... You must be high to be buyin' Dell computers... -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 12/26/2002 03:29:05 PM ----- BODY: Pure EVIL
Is Uncle Leron evil? The answer appears to be yes Detect pure evil here: evilfinder -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 12/21/2002 05:45:04 AM ----- BODY: Happy Hawaiidays Spending the month in Hawaii. Check it out: Week 1 -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 7/11/2002 05:52:33 PM ----- BODY: More Poconos
An addition.
-------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 7/9/2002 10:44:13 AM ----- BODY: PoconosCheck out the Poconos Livin' here... -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 6/14/2002 09:11:52 AM ----- BODY: BIG -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 5/28/2002 01:55:44 PM ----- BODY: Baby Hataz Online Check out the kickin' new T's Online: Baby Hataz: Don't Hate The Baby, Hate The Game. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 5/2/2002 10:35:03 AM ----- BODY: Suspicious... Waihopai, INFOSEC, Information Security, Information Warfare, IW, IS, Priavacy, Information Terrorism, Terrorism Defensive Information, Defense Information Warfare, Offensive Information, Offensive Information Warfare, National Information Infrastructure, InfoSec, Reno, Compsec, Computer Terrorism...and 300 other ways to get the FBI, CIA, and NSA to visit your website. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/16/2002 11:17:37 AM ----- BODY: Gotta have it! Bullet holes will make you THE COOLEST THING WALKING. Check out these puppies. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/2/2002 01:29:31 PM ----- BODY: Not Working
Odd Todd is pretty funny for having no job, yo. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/24/2002 02:55:55 PM ----- BODY: Mourning

RIP Chuck Jones. 1903-2002

-------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/22/2002 02:58:23 PM ----- BODY: Hanky Panky Aw, gee you're lookin' swell! Get to know Mr. Hanky. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/22/2002 12:38:55 PM ----- BODY: Check it out From that wacky hooger-brugge dude: F L O W. Coolio. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/21/2002 06:22:34 PM ----- BODY: Thrilling Last night the nephew and friends went to the Right Bank to check out our pal Vic Thrill and had our minds blown with the sounds of ace-spage rock and lovin roll. Check 'em out at

And don't forget about the pubcrawl. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/20/2002 04:39:14 PM ----- BODY: Crawling What's up people... who wants to rock out with they socks out? Come and join us tomorrow night on the Williamsburg Pubcrawl (Click the link for info). -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/3/2002 02:45:09 AM ----- BODY: A Poem
The people like to spy upon other. Everyone know it is poorly, it is ugly, all hesitate of it, but... Everyone spy. Spy in childhood upon the mom and daddy, spy at school upon the schoolmates and teachers. Spy upon the neighbours, parents, children, friends, enemies, behind the men and women. Spy All and always.
We tender you to join spy -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 1/31/2002 01:41:07 PM ----- BODY: For the honies
Why I love ebay? Right here. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 1/27/2002 04:44:56 PM ----- BODY: Stealth and Deadliness Ninjas are sweet. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 1/24/2002 02:27:50 PM ----- BODY: Live On Stage Thought I'd invite y'alls to see some of Uncle Leron's homies rockin' out in a new effin' rock opera, UBER. It's tha bomb. Click the link for the 411. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 1/21/2002 04:09:25 PM ----- BODY: Welcome Back Again Through the magical annoyances of the internet, is back up and running. Sorry if you've tried to access the site or send an email in the last week or so; it's all sorted now. Cool? Cool. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 1/4/2002 03:36:15 PM ----- BODY: Returning to the Fold Well, it's been quite a while since the last time we chilled up in here, I hope you've missed us as much as we missed you. Uncle Leron sez Happy New Year to you all, and to all a good night. On an unrelated note, why couldn't people find the site by searching for, say, I dunno, "funny videos", or "Uncle Leron's nephew is part god?" No, they've got to search for incestuous romance websites. It's just wrong, you know, this nephew is not having any coital goings on with either of his parents siblings or siblings-in-law. Ahem. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 10/26/2001 12:23:52 PM ----- BODY: Tempting
Any one need to get their ass kicked? -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 10/26/2001 12:02:28 PM ----- BODY: Testing
This is the first test of a really handy new tool called BloggerBot -- I can post to the site from aol instant messenger. Cool enough! -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 10/22/2001 07:27:36 PM ----- BODY: Updating It's been, um, a while since I put anything up on the site. So fine, here, I'm doing it. The streaming server should work soon, so there's that to look forward to. Otherwise, have you checked out Little Rick in a while? That's some funny. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 10/5/2001 08:13:08 PM ----- BODY: Whoa. This is getting out of hand... SEARCH ENGINE PHRASES uncle having sex with nephew 100% [==================> 2 -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 10/3/2001 02:31:15 PM ----- BODY: Disgusting Today turned up for someone searching for the wrong thing...very wrong. SEARCH ENGINE PHRASES aunt sucking nephew 100% [===========================> 1 -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 9/17/2001 12:06:51 AM ----- BODY: Recovering As most of you probably know, Uncle Leron and friends live in NYC, and we're all okay post-attack. Our thoughts and love to all those affected by this horrid event, and mad props and support to all those working to rescue and restore this city. peace and love, nephew -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 9/7/2001 04:02:48 PM ----- BODY: Monster Trucking Now I know exactly WWJD... he'd drive a truck. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 8/22/2001 12:25:03 PM ----- BODY: Fixing Some people might be having problems watching the quicktime movies -- if you're a windows user, it might be cuz Microsoft is a sorry bunch of bitches. But the good people at Apple Computer have offered up a solution, so check it out if you've been having troubles. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 8/19/2001 10:58:00 PM ----- BODY: Testing So, um, I promised quicktime streaming but things don't seem to be working quite as planned. But soon, y'all, soon. In the meantime, have you watched episode II lately? That piece is mad deep, yo. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 8/13/2001 11:33:18 PM ----- BODY: Streaming Guess what, starting two days from now all video here at Uncle Leron .com will be available via Quicktime Streaming, which means you won't have to wait for the movie to d/l -- it'll just stream and play as it goes along. Pretty darn sweet, huh? It's cuz we love you. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 8/9/2001 09:08:13 AM ----- BODY: Crawling So tonight's the second ever Williamsburg Pub Crawl, sponsored by Click Here for details. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 8/2/2001 01:40:42 PM ----- BODY: Sucking Yo, apparently some people been talkin' smack about Uncle Leron at this Warcraft forum . I don't know what's they deal, but they need to stop frontin', yo. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 7/31/2001 12:00:50 AM ----- BODY: Technical Difficulties I got some reports about technical difficulties with the new episode, which I think I've solved. If you continue to have problems, drop me a line by emailing me with a description of your problem, your computer, and what version of Quicktime you have. (if you don't have quicktime, then that's your first problem solved.) -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 7/30/2001 12:15:51 AM ----- BODY: Episode VII: Britney Spears At long last, the latest of My Uncle Leron's Adventures, Episode VII: Britney Spears. Check it out. Mad props to Craig Higgins @, Patricia Maranje, and Filter 14, 432 W 14th Street. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 7/30/2001 12:01:44 AM ----- BODY: Site Redesign Welcome to the latest and greatest version of It requires frames, but you can now get video and commentary all in the same beautylicious window (building for the future, there will be some hot things using the new design). Hope you like it. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 7/25/2001 10:59:48 AM ----- BODY: New Episode on its Way So the other day, I sent out this email saying there was gonna be a new adventure of uncle leron posted, but um, my Uncle Leron, he didn't think it was funny enough, so I've gots to do what we call in tha bizness "reshoots." But don't let the press fool you, just because I'm like, working on it till the last minute doesn't mean it sucks. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 7/25/2001 10:59:46 AM ----- BODY: Dream of the Bitches So this one time the other night, my Uncle Leron's friend Romulus had this dream that he had sex with Uncle Leron's ex-girlfriend (before Aunt Lucinda, her name was Latricia), and it was just real mediocre... -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 7/15/2001 03:04:12 PM ----- BODY: WEBZINE Just a friendly reminder, Webzine 2001 is this Saturday, July 21st. See Uncle Leron's Nephew in the flesh, and Michael Moore and Robot Frank and others. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 7/1/2001 10:56:38 PM ----- BODY: Last Night Guess what kids. I had a dream last night about this beautiful girl, she told me she loved me and she couldn't live without me. But she was drunk so I didn't believe her and I told her she should just go back from whence she came. She cried, and then I realized she was overweight. And then I told her I was sorry, but I had a bus to catch, and I left her in my front yard and went to TGI Fridays. Word. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 6/18/2001 01:03:59 PM ----- BODY: Today's Search Engine Report SEARCH ENGINE KEYWORDS pornography 33.3% [==============================> 2 opportunity 33.3% [==============================> 2 job 33.3% [==============================> 2 SEARCH ENGINE PHRASES pornography job opportunity 100% [===================> 2 Hope they weren't too disappointed... -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 6/10/2001 11:23:58 PM ----- BODY: My Favorite Poem "head size = GIANT fatty. hat size = tiny tiny. it is allways the same for the fattys." by Fat Chicks in Party Hats. Ahem. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 5/28/2001 09:33:47 AM ----- BODY: Parker Lewis CAN Lose I been wondering about this guy, now I know. From my man CP:

-------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 5/23/2001 12:01:17 PM ----- BODY: Weekly Update So it's been a week since I've posted anything. I don't have much to say, but I just wanted to keep up the habit. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 5/15/2001 07:22:28 PM ----- BODY: Whadup, Knob Goblin? Find out what your name's funna be in the pen, yo. click here -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 5/12/2001 02:15:27 AM ----- BODY: Samba de Amigo Back in the day we had this party, see, it was a Samba De Amigo party, with maracas all stinkin' up the joint. You wants to check it? Don't wreck it: Broadband video (2.0MB) Word up to my man Chris Shade. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 5/11/2001 02:16:33 AM ----- BODY: Big Brother 2 JDogg just finished his application to Big Brother 2 and made it in under the wire. If you want to watch the video portion of the application click one of the folowing links: high bandwidth (3.8MB) low bandwidth (900k) -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 5/6/2001 04:03:52 AM ----- BODY: Takin Ova in the 2G+1 Don't even be frontin', cuz the Icy Hot Stuntaz the rap STAR you wanna drool about. Straight Ballin'. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 5/2/2001 11:41:44 AM ----- BODY: Today's Keywords... From the hit-o-meter report: SEARCH ENGINE KEYWORDS quicktime 25.0% [===================================> 1 auditions 25.0% [===================================> 1 pornography 25.0% [===================================> 1 diapered 25.0% [===================================> 1 -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 5/2/2001 11:33:17 AM ----- BODY: Conversations with Satan The things people say on Extension 666. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 4/25/2001 01:03:38 AM ----- BODY: Self Promotion Wha'sup yo. I don't know, but ya'll need to be checkin' out Eightywhat?, two short plays set in the '80s: Mpls., St. Paul by Julia Jordan and Fun by Howard Korder. Running April 26 through May 5 at the Abingdon Theatre. 432 West 42nd Street (9th & 10th), 4th floor Call 212-560-7498 or email for reservations. featuring the always lovable Uncle Leron's nephew in four different roles. Hot. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 4/21/2001 10:26:46 AM ----- BODY: Jackie Chan, Eat Your Heart Out This piece is off the hook! -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 4/18/2001 11:46:30 AM ----- BODY: Learn 2 Dance Had a blast last night at blister, but realized my moves on the floor were a bit out of date. I'm boning up, though, thanks to those homeboys at beta lounge and these dance fundamentals. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 4/16/2001 09:59:49 PM ----- BODY: Video Shoot This Tuesday Just a shout out to my man craig at con-fu-sion for letting us shoot scenes from the new Uncle Leron movie at his party Blister, this Tuesday at filter 14. If ya'll wanna come check it out, we'll be there from round midnight on. Word. Check this link for the info: BLISTER | Underground Sounds and Vibes Every Tuesday -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 4/11/2001 03:30:52 PM ----- BODY: Incredible Job Opportunity Yo, I need this job: (Job Details) -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 4/11/2001 01:55:48 PM ----- BODY: DIY gaming ChiselBrain gives good game. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 4/6/2001 02:54:01 PM ----- BODY: Back from vacation. So, this one time, my Uncle Leron, he was snowboarding, with um, his friend Acidopholis, and there was all this snow around, and Acidopholus was all like, "Hey, Uncle Leron, watch me pull off this triple toe side, uh, method fakie grab-o-liciousness" And then he fell on his face. My uncle leron, guess what my Uncle Leron said: "Ha-ha." -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/29/2001 12:20:00 PM ----- BODY: How to find a muppet on the internet Use Google. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/29/2001 12:08:36 PM ----- BODY: Phat Ride I needs to be rollin' up in theAtari Mobile, yo! -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/29/2001 11:54:21 AM ----- BODY: Reasons to become a Computer Programmer There's a little Martha Stewart in every pot-head code-jockey... -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/28/2001 12:35:20 AM ----- BODY: Getting The Word Out This guy, Jay Wilson, has got posters up all over the east village...the website is a let down, but I'm voting for him. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/23/2001 04:16:51 PM ----- BODY: Mad Cow Was Only The Beginning No one is safe. Be prepared. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/21/2001 03:49:07 PM ----- BODY: You'd better eat something, cuz it's a long trip. Dude was hungry. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/19/2001 01:07:10 PM ----- BODY: Real People for Real Food Mmmm, Manbeef. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/17/2001 10:20:45 AM ----- BODY: I don't get it. Um, who need this? -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/16/2001 12:46:06 PM ----- BODY: Unemployed So this one time, my Uncle Leron, he ain't had no job, and he was um, drinking some malt liquor, and he started, um, crying. And my Aunt Lucinda she said, why you crying? And my Uncle Leron, he said Cuz I ain't got no job. Then my Aunt Lucinda, she said, well you need to stop crying and get a job then. And she hit him upside the head. And my Uncle Leron, guess what he said. He said: Damn, woman, you almost spilled my forty! -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/14/2001 03:55:47 PM ----- BODY: Put a monkey in it! Can I borrow 15 bucks from someone out there? I need this. Thanks, yo. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/13/2001 01:34:24 PM ----- BODY: From Sunday, March 11, 2001 - Casting Call For Britney Video | Posted by Ogre @ 4:39 pm PST Hmmm... -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/13/2001 01:23:12 PM ----- BODY: Good-uh moh-luh-ning.. Tokyo Breakfast . I can't say much more than that. Please, please watch it. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/12/2001 10:54:50 AM ----- BODY: Me and my brother used to play it... Side to the side the paddle to the paddle to the side the sidePONG ball in the machine. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/11/2001 01:32:25 AM ----- BODY: And I quote... ...This girls was Brittany Spears Double in The Eminem Video. Think you can top this, y'all?! -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/8/2001 08:23:42 PM ----- BODY: Mud Party a Success Just wanted to give a shout out to all those peeps who showed up at Baktun last night for the screening of the Adventures. It was a blast, and stay tuned for more details about similar events in the not-too-distant future... -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/7/2001 03:42:37 PM ----- BODY: Casting Call Just to let everyone know, next saturday we're holding auditions for the next Uncle Leron adventure -- we're looking for a BRITNEY SPEARS DOUBLE. Think you got Britney's moves? Let us see 'em. email us with any questions. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/7/2001 12:40:39 AM ----- BODY: Spooookkyyy... Word from beyond: "Does she miss her Uncle Leron...?" A BIT HANDLES TO HANDLES "Door handles...?" -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/6/2001 10:46:47 PM ----- BODY: I am your Siamese Twin Brother Check it: rpsonc -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/6/2001 01:14:08 PM ----- BODY: REMINDER Just a reminder that tomorrow night is MUD at BAKTUN, where The Continuing Adventures of Uncle Leron and other video goodies will be projected. Hope to see ya there. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/3/2001 08:29:51 AM ----- BODY: Great Use Of Flash This is a designer I can relate to: "What I like? Phil Collins." Mmhmm. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 3/1/2001 12:31:56 PM ----- BODY: Uncle Leron...LIVE! Save the date everyone, because March 7th will mark your chance to see Uncle Leron on the big screen...sort of. Our friends over at con-fus-ion have invited us to show The Continuing Adventures of Uncle Leron (as well as Little Rick: Pugilist) on their big old projection screen as part of MUD, a party they be throwin. Click Here for the lowdown. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/28/2001 02:58:58 PM ----- BODY: Another word for Woman From IMDB: "The BSC also ruled that it was acceptable for a black man to call the Queen a "bitch." Ruling on complaints about the use of the word by black comedian Richard Blackwood, the BSC commented that he was "using the term as it is used in rap music, to mean 'woman, ' and not as a term of abuse." Now that we've got that cleared up... -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/27/2001 03:29:18 PM ----- BODY: Porn: Not Just For Grown-ups Anymore Pornography is funny. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/27/2001 11:25:58 AM ----- BODY: Goin' Blind So this one time, my Uncle Leron, he heard some sounds, um uh, comin' from the bathroom, and he saw my other cousin, Ray-Ray, sittin' on the floor with a doll and tennis shoe in his hand, and uh, guess what my Uncle Leron said... he said "Stop playing with yourelf!" -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/27/2001 02:51:43 AM ----- BODY: Birthday Party So this one time my Uncle Leron, he was throwin' this party for his nephew, My Cousin Harmonicus, and um, he got this, um uh, clown to come and visit, and uh, the clown, he came, and he said: "Hi, I'm Ouchy The Clown! Nice to beat you!." And then Harmonicus, he started to cry, um, like a little baby,even though he just turned 29, and so my Uncle Leron, guess what my Uncle Leron said. He said: "Shut yo' mouth before I really give you somethin' to cry about, boy!" -------- AUTHOR: Jeremy Dickens DATE: 2/23/2001 08:14:43 PM ----- BODY: Internet Riddled with hidden drug references Bet ya didn't know that even the most innocent-looking web page could be filled with hidden references to even the hardest illegal drug. Even "Federal Agents" Leron and his nephew aren't safe! Check out this example...
"Show me, "I know it." Eric Conveys an Emotion marijuana been around for a while now, but it never ceases to amuse. More Fun HERE -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/23/2001 03:25:42 PM ----- BODY: This is illegal why? I mean, you gotta try-before-you-buy, right? From Ananova: "A man has been arrested and charged for allegedly walking into a Pennsylvania supermarket and putting on a porn movie. Police say he took the tape with him into the store and stood watching it on a TV. He was detained by staff at the store in York until police arrived. Wal-Mart officials have declined to comment on the incident." -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/22/2001 07:34:17 PM ----- BODY: I'm Gonna Have To Get Me One of Them Find out all about the Bonsai Kitten -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/22/2001 02:30:03 AM ----- BODY: Wild Wild Web Looking for a place where you can Shoot the Gatling Gun, Pet Live Farm Animals, or compete in an Oxen Pulling Contest? Look no further: 5 Dogs - Wild West Extravaganza and History Reenactment for the entire family -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/20/2001 12:26:12 AM ----- BODY: Random Link I don't know who they are but they're on my mailing list. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/19/2001 05:22:23 PM ----- BODY: "Let's All Get Diapered!" Ladies, here is the man for you: Hobbies: Wearing diapers, and hoping to find my diaper wearing female soulmate..... Can someone help him? -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/19/2001 03:58:38 PM ----- BODY: Self-Restraint From Robotskull: I don't normally get mail, the only stuff I get is magazine subscriptions I'm no longer interested in, ARMY recruiting propaganda, and lately Visa applications. I don't know how they got ahold of my address. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/19/2001 11:21:16 AM ----- BODY: Show me, "I know it." Eric Conveys an Emotion has been around for a while now, but it never ceases to amuse me... -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/16/2001 05:54:14 PM ----- BODY: Who's the worst? KWEEN -- they claim to be Japan's Best Queen Cover Band, and I don't doubt them for a second. Make freddy proud, guys! -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/16/2001 02:20:07 PM ----- BODY: Peter Pan's Home Page! "Unless you become as little Children, you can't see the Kingdom of God" --Jesus "All you need is trust... and a little bit of pixie dust!" --Peter Pan "WTF?" --Uncle Leron -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/16/2001 01:23:02 PM ----- BODY: Paging MasterSonix Quite possibly one of the coolest dudes on the net, for some reason mastersonix website is down right now. I'm putting the link up just in case it gets back in action, or it's just my computer. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/15/2001 08:29:47 PM ----- BODY: Just installed BlogVoices; now you can discuss posts made to this here 'blog. Just click discuss and enter your comments. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/15/2001 08:08:09 PM ----- BODY: It's a little late for the day, but make your own candy hearts here:ACME Heart Maker (thanks for the link at -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/15/2001 07:00:32 PM ----- BODY: Fan Mail "Dear Webmaster, We learn from the net that is a popular adult site and we would like to make link exchange with you, [is that what they're calling it these days?] i.e. we would like to add your URL and description in our Sex Link page and, in return, please add our URL and description anywhere in your website. is a popular free adult site and we had registered a number of big search engines including Yahoo. According to HitBox statistics, we have over 8,500 unique visitors with over 101,000 page views *EACH DAY*. We think that after we had formed partnership, we can growth together in the Internet soon. Should you have any further enqiry, please contact us. Thank you for taking us into consideration." -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/14/2001 06:18:57 PM ----- BODY: Happy Valentime's Day Why not send your loved one a story of adoration, Uncle Leron style? -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/14/2001 06:17:19 PM ----- BODY: No one is safe... "From the guy at Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2001 3:14 PM Subject: Fwd: Virus Warning - Pete Sampras Photo! If you receive an e-mail containing a photo of tennis star Pete Sampras, DO NOT OPEN IT!!!!!!! The body of the e-mail describes the picture as follows: "You will surely enjoy the sinewy Mister Sampras as he volleys for all he is worth please." Well, I opened it, because after all, the man set the record for Grand Slam titles with his 13th overall at Wimbledon. And while I'm not gay, I can appreciate the well-developed man-form -- I mean, what's wrong with that? If you're fit, you're fit, so why not admire it? ANYWAY, once I opened it, the photo of Mister Sampras in mid-lob began to burrow into my head, into places I never knew existed (nor dared to dream). I felt a surge of giddy confidence, as if Mister Sampras himself were tickling my cerebellum with the end of his tongue. The picture said, "Save me as your wallpaper," which I did, then it said "your fingers are nasty, so nasty. Tape them up." So I bound my hands tightly with duct tape so I never have to see my nasty, nasty fingers again. I am typing this by means of two pencils shoved into the ends of the horrible tape-claws that hang useless from the ends of my arms. Please forward this warning on to those you care about." -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/14/2001 06:11:09 PM ----- BODY: Ananova - Woman has Nokia surgically removed from bottom Hope they used Vaseline... -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/13/2001 11:34:37 PM ----- BODY: More Famous Uncles Named Leron Medieval Leron? "The loss of his parents to the Orcs, his adoption by his Uncle Leron, his testing and being found mentally deficient for the use of the arcane arts, and subsequent exile to the academy of war." Mormon Leron? "The work the children of Leron and Colleen [Don't Tell Lucinda! crazy polygamist mormons...] have experienced over the years have sure taught them a lot. From doing everything from operating farm machinery to carpentry to steel fabrication to electrical wiring, their children have learned it all." -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/13/2001 06:05:06 PM ----- BODY: The stars of American Movie have they're own web show. They're these dudes and they're like, brilliant: mark and mike Check 'em out. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/11/2001 07:18:34 PM ----- BODY: At last. I've updated the site again...ain't no new videos yet (real soon!), but a new format oughtta allow for more frequent content updates, like with this weblog, where I'll try to amuse you all with stories, weird video sites like this one, and whatever else pops in my head. Hope y'all like it, and if you're wanna keep the 'blog going (with links or stories), shoot me an email That is all for now. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/8/2001 11:28:24 PM ----- BODY: From the Famous Uncles named Leron Files So, this one time, my Uncle Leron was playing baseball, and my Aunt Lucinda, she told him he wasn't getting past first base, and my uncle leron, he said, guess what he said? He said: Who's on first? "He's 23 and strong as an ox. Baseball is in his blood. His father, Leon, is a former Cardinals farmhand and now a scout for the Cubs. His uncle, Leron, was an outfielder for four big league teams. Coming out of spring training, 6'5", 225-pound Derrek Lee knows he'll be the Marlins' every-day first baseman and cleanup hitter. " -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 2/5/2001 10:46:41 AM ----- BODY: Through some fan email Uncle Leron found some kindred spirits at, a webzine whose motto is "We're the colon in http://." Here's one that would make Aunt Lucinda proud: Telemarketing Moron | hippity-hop | Magazine -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 1/29/2001 01:44:17 PM ----- BODY: The blog site is working now. I need support from my loyal users, interesting sites and uncleleron stories are fantastic. let us know via email -------- AUTHOR: Uncle Leron's Guest DATE: 1/29/2001 12:04:39 PM ----- BODY: So, this one time, my Uncle Leron, he was eating some Cocoa Puffs, and this dude, his name was um, his name was um, Hayzoose, and Hayzoose, he um, spelled his name J-E-S-U-S, and he said "Uncle Leron, how come you eatin' all them Cocoa Puffs without praisin' the lord?" And my Uncle Leron, guess what my Uncle Leron said: he said: 'Cuz I'm cuckoo. -------- AUTHOR: Joshua Dickens DATE: 1/29/2001 11:48:28 AM ----- BODY: Welcome to the Continuing Adventures of Uncle Leron. To join the Uncle Leron team, email me --------